2017 TCS New York City Marathon Ham Radio Operators

NYCRuns Brooklyn Half- and Marathon

Saturday, October 19, 2019

This is the second year that the event organizers have requested HAM Radio support for their event.  This is a 13.1-mile half and 26.2-mile full marathon, with the course laid out in and around Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  We will support medical aid and water stations, as well as a few event vehicles

TCS NYC Marathon

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The premier NYRR event in New York City.  Starting in Staten Island on the Verranzanno-Narrows Bridge, the 26.2-mile course stretches through Brooklyn and into Queens, crossing the Ed Koch/59th Street Bridge into Manhattan. From there, the course takes the runners north on First Avenue into the Bronx, then back into Manhattan for a loop in Central Park before the finish at Tavern on The Green.

General Event Information

The majority of our ham radio volunteers for our events can expect to be assigned to a mile point or medical tent location.  Some assignments may involve shadowing event officials or riding in event vehicles.

Our primary mission is to provide emergency and supplemental communications to event staff and public safety officials; our volunteers are also well known as the set of "eyes and ears" along the event course, reporting any emergency or unusual situations back to event officials via our net control stations.

Our operators should be prepared for the 'weather-of-the-day', as a majority of the assignments require them to be outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions.

We conduct a majority of our operations on 70-cm (440mhz) repeaters through the generous assistance and support of repeater owners and groups.  Our operators should be equipped with a 440-mhz (70cm) HT, ample spare battery capacity for a day-long event, and a good set of headphones.  While it is not mandatory, many of our operators also utilize UHF/70cm DMR HTs as well.

Since we, the EventHams 'staff' are also volunteers, we recruit for the events far in advance and need that time to create rosters, assignment lists, frequency lists, etc.  We rely on this website to make the information available, so please check back often!